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About UJFM 95.4

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UJFM 95.4 has transformed its on-air broadcast programs content, from a previously "Rock" music style type, to an "info-tainment" medium that includes an eclectic mix of music and talk. With content that is pertinent to a primary target audience between the ages of 16 years and 28 years; we reflect the demographics of the UJ community.

As the presence of UJFM 95.4 firmly entrenches itself amongst the 4 campuses of the University of Johannesburg, the voice of UJ will strive to serve as a powerful platform for healthy engagement throught its entire community.

In April 2010, UJFM 95.4 moved into its brand-new "state of the art" studios located at the Bunting Road Campus. Our new facility allows for a professional radio broadcast enviroment.

The power of radio should never be underestimated, as Franklin D. Rooseveldt through his weekly Fireplace chats, sold national pride and identity to his fellow Americans. We too face many challenges of our own as we grow our young and vibrant democracy.

We therefore urge all organs of the UJ community to choose the UJFM 95.4 airwaves to advance robust debate, discussions, awareness and spread knowledge as we grow in strength and speak through one credible voice.


Barry Baldeo

Station Manager aka General

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